School Safety


Every year St. Mary has their Emergency Management Plan Approved.  There are many requirements by the state fulfilled for the safety of our students.  Our staff is trained in CPR and first aid and AED.

State Law requires that fire drills be held monthly. 

During fire drills students should follow the below regulations:

  1. Rise in silence when the alarm sounds;
  2. Close windows and doors;
  3. Walk to the assigned place briskly, in single file at all times, and in silence;
  4. Return to building when signal is given.

Tornado drills are held periodically.  The procedures are:

  1. Rise in silence when the alarm sounds;
  2. Walk briskly to the assigned place in single file;
  3. Sit, face wall, and put hands over head;
  4. Return to classroom when signal is given.

St. Mary has implemented a “crisis plan” in case of a lockdown emergency. All teachers and staff are aware of the procedure to follow to keep your children safe.  In the event of such an emergency, circumstances permitting, the building will be evacuated and students will be moved to one of two secure designated locations:  Shelby Hospital or across the street at Arcelor Mittal.  An alternative site may be chosen if the situation warrants.

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