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Mission and Philosophy

About St. Mary's Elementary School

St. Mary’s School is celebrating providing quality education to our community! Our school first opened on December 8, 1880. We are located at 26 West Street in Shelby, Ohio.

Maintaining our school’s Catholic identity is paramount. We are able to do so through our curriculum as well as our service to others.Our students take active roles in mass weekly. Participating in service projects is another means by which we help our students not only develop a sense of global awareness, but also a desire to make a difference in the world.

Through the continued cooperative efforts of Father Jim, our school & parish staff, students, parents and parishioners it is our mission at St. Mary’s to work together to share faith and foster a passion for learning.

St. Mary’s Elementary School is proud to offer:

  • Full accreditation by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association.
  • Courses of study are fully aligned with the Ohio Department of Education Academic Content Standards.
  • Preschool Program for ages 3 through 5 (now located at the main school building), providing an excellent academic and social program with many enrichment opportunities.
  • An all day kindergarten program is offered, also. Teachers enjoy the benefits of this program as the students move into first grade and beyond.
  • Our children enrichment activities through Grade 6, including a strong music program, the Children’s Choir, Physical education and computer classes in an excellent computer lab equipped with the latest technology.
  • school library.
  • Title I reading, speech, nursing and guidance counseling services.
  • Admission to students from any religious denomination.

Our expert teaching staff brings our students a carefully planned focus on our academic goals throughout the year while at the same time, nurturing their spirits, developing positive self-esteem, and fostering a love of learning they will carry into the future. This year the staff is working hard on writing a new continuous improvement plan in order to renew our accreditation.

The students in grades 2-6 participate in web based achievement testing in the fall & spring that provides immediate results to teachers so that they may plan instruction according to the individual needs of the students.

We are blessed to have the support of our School Advisory Council and the Parent Teacher Organization to help keep our school flourishing.

A special thank you to all of you who make our school what it is today!

Mission Statement/Philosophy

of St. Mary's School

St. Mary’s Catholic School is different by design. With the

assistance of the Pastor, Principal, staff, students, parents, and

parishioners, we provide an excellent educational environment

where students and teachers work together to cultivate,

strengthen, and share faith, excel academically by fostering a

passion for learning and personal accountability. It is our goal at

St. Mary’s to commit ourselves to the development of the total

person, spiritual and physical, moral and intellectual, individual

and social, in an atmosphere filled with the spirit of Christ.

Why a Catholic Education?

Discover the Difference…


The third apple of our logo represents what makes us different and is symbolic of who we are. When cut horizontally, the apple has five core seeds:

First Core Seed: Formatorswhy_education_seeds

  • Parents, as primary religious educators
  • Pastors/pastoral leaders, principals, catechetical leaders,
    teachers, parish staff and entire community are formators

Second Core Seed: The Religion Curriculum

  • Taught from K-12 in a consistent, age-appropriate way in each
    of our 101 schools; consists of 8 strands:

    - Church - Doctrine
    - Lifestyles - Old Testament
    - Morality - New Testament
    - Sacraments & Prayer - Social Teachings / Justice

Third Core Seed: Community

  • Our schools are communities where students are loved and respected;
    where Christian behavior is expected, differences are celebrated,
    and families are welcomed.

Fourth Core Seed: Worship

  • Students attend Mass regularly and begin each day and each class
    with prayer. We celebrate together our common faith; we welcome
    those other faiths.

Fifth Core Seed: Service

  • Students are challenged to reach beyond themselves in service
    and works of justice to the poor, the sick, and the underprivileged.
Research “Thus it follows that the work of the school is irreplaceable and the investment of human and material resources in the school becomes a prophetic choice. On the threshold of the third millennium…[the Catholic school] is still of vital importance.” Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium (1997.)

Research on Catholic Schools tells us:

  • Catholic schools are sacramental. Students have the opportunity to meet Christ regularly through the Eucharist, Reconciliation, and one another. They are constantly reminded of the presence of Christ in the Body and Blood that they receive at liturgy as well as in the presence of the boy or girl standing next them.
  • Catholic schools are ecclesial in that they embody the most
    effective and successful effort anywhere to educate children
    in the faith AND to prepare them to be responsible and faithful citizens for Christian witness and action in the world. Taking the teachings of the Gospel beyond the walls of an individual school and living them is the goal for every student.
  • Catholic schools teach wisdom and life vision in the context
    of faith. They interweave reason and faith through subject matter, and help students form a Christian vision of the world that they not only strive to live out ,but can articulate
    to others so that they can share truth and values. Curriculum
    is not taught only for the attainment of knowledge, rather for
    helping students embark on a search for truth. Through their
    study, students explore the mysteries of God and realize their call to live out their Catholic faith in an imperfect and challenging world
  • Catholic schools teach students how to become a part of a
    faith community in which their active participation as a “prayer” and “worshiper” is vital to the faith formation of
    all of the other members of their school faith community.
  • Catholic schools help students look at the complexity of a
    modern world and figure out how to live the counter-cultural
    message of Jesus today. Catholic schools challenge students
    to respond to the needs of the poor ,and to live in a spirit
    of love, generosity and kindness for all. We ask them to become a part of the “Word Incarnate.”
  • Catholic schools help students to understand the need for true justice in our world. By living out one’s Catholic faith we cannot ignore the call of the Holy Spirit to make the world a just place for all peoples. Working for justice has the power to transform hearts and create a new heaven on earth.
  • Catholic schools invite its teachers to join in ministry with
    them. Teachers are called to help students understand that with learning comes the obligation to apply the teachings of their faith as they use knowledge in their daily lives. This happens for students when they see this modeled regularly by the adults around them – when they see their own teachers living “faith-filled” lives.
  • Catholic schools recognize the holiness of the covenant between themselves and parents. We recognize that cultivating the Catholic faith in our children is a labor of love on the part of parents, school, and parish.

For more information, visit the OCSAA website or call Catholic Youth and Schools Service Office at 419.244.6711

All information on this page taken from the Diocese of Toledo CYSS webpage.